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External LCD Display
FreeMeter Professional only

FreeMeter Professional supports external LCD displays to show system performance data. These displays can be mounted in free drive bays on your system so you can always tell at a glance what your system is doing. The following data can be shown on the display:

  • CPU Usage
  • Available physical memory
  • Disk transfer rate
  • Network transfer rate
  • System uptime
  • Free drive space

Two LCD displays are supported. Both displays are sold by CrystalFontz. FreeMeter Pro supports their 2-line and 4-line serial displays. Either display requires a free serial port or USB port to communicate with FreeMeter.

2-Line Display
The 2-line display is model 632. It is 2 lines by 16 columns. It is available for $33 to $76 depending on how you configure it. (http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/632)

4-Line Display
The 4-line display is model 634. It is 4 lines by 20 columns. It is available for $45 to $86 depending on how you configure it. (http://www.crystalfontz.com/products/634)

The 633 and 635 CrystalFontz displays do not work with FreeMeter Professional.

The dialog used to configure the LCD display is shown below:

CrystalFonts web site: http://www.crystalfontz.com

All CrystalFonts data on this page was valid as of December 17, 2005 and is subject to have been changed by CrystalFontz. There is no association between TILER.com and CrystalFontz.