Show Stardate Episode
5000?.? Apocalypse Rising
Disguised as Kilngons, Sisko, Odo and O'Brien join Worf to infiltrate a Klingon ceremony in the Hall of Warriors in an effort to expose the Shapeshifer. (original air date: September 30, 1996)
50032.7 Basics, Part II
Janeway and the others try to survive the alien terrain and a cave-dwelling creature, the fate of the Voyager rests in the hands of a sociopath and his computer-generated ally.
50049.3 The Ship
When a Jem'Hadar warship crash-lands on an abandoned planet, Sisko and an away team board it, but are soon surrounded by the Jem'Hadar and trapped inside. (original air date: October 7, 1996)
50074.3 False Profits
When Voyager detects replicator technology and Alpha Quadrant inhabitants on a nearby planet, Chakotay and Paris transport there to find an impoverished, struggling society. They soon find a palatial temple and two Ferengi - the Ferengi that were lost during the Next Generation episode The Price.
5009?.? Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places
When Quark's Klingon ex-wife shows up on DS9, Worf finds himself falling in love with her; but he is unaware that another on the station has eyes for him. (original air date: October 14, 1996)
50126.4 Flashback
When Tuvok begins to suffer from bouts of repressed memory – which can cause brain damage in a Vulcan – the solution is a mind-meld between Tuvok and Janeway.
5013?.? ... Nor the Battle to the Strong
Jake experiences the horror of war firsthand when he and Bashir respond to a distress call from a Federation outpost being attacked by the Klingons. (original air date: October 21, 1996)
50156.2 The Chute
Kim and Paris are declared to be terrorists by the Akitirians and are thrown into a hellish prison where devices attached to the inmates necks slowly drive them insane.
5017?.? The Assignment
A mysterious, malevolent being takes over Keiko's body, demanding that O'Brien sabotage the station's systems – or risk Keiko's death. (original air date: October 28, 1996)
50203.1 Remember
While shuttling a group of telepathic aliens to their homeworld, Torres experiences extremely realistic dreams, which she begins to realize may represent an actual occurrence involving a series of murders that seem genocidal.
5021?.? Trials and Tribble-ations
A renegade undercover Klingon agent steals a Bajoran Orb and sends himself, along with the Defiant crew, back 105 years into the past. His objective: to kill Captain Kirk. This episode happens at the same time as the original series episode The Trouble With Tribbles. (original air date: November 4, 1996)
5024?.? Sacred Ground
While the crew is on shore leave, Kes enters a sacred shrine and falls into a comatose state, which prompts Janeway to petition the planet's holy council to learn the cryptic ritual necessary to save Kes.
5025?.? Let He Who Is Without Sin...
A vacation on the pleasure planet Risa does not go as planned when Worf joins a radical group called the Essentialists, who are bent on closing the planet.
50252.3 The Swarm
5028?.? Futures End, part I
Voyager is attacked by a 29th-century Federation ship, whose captain claims Voyager will cause a catastrophe that will destroy Earth. During the battle, both ships are drawn into a tempral rift and thrown back to 20-th century Earth.
5029?.? Things Past
Sisko, Dax,Odo and Garak inexplicably become condemned Bajorans on an alternate DS9 seven years in the past, during the Cardassian occupation.
50312.5 Futures End, part II
As Starling and Janeway match wits over the timeship, Rain, Paris and Tuvok try to run interference. Meanwhile, Chakotay and Torres are captured by militiamen, who believe the two are part of a Government conspiracy.
5033?.? The Ascent
Sisko, Dax,Odo and Garak inexplicably become condemned Bajorans on an alternate DS9 seven years in the past, during the Cardassian occupation.
50348.1 Warlord
After picking up three Ilari from their crippled spaceship, Janeway and the crew agree to deliver them to their homeworld, but one does and transfers his consciousness (that of a savage warlord) into the nearest person - Kes.
5038?.? Rapture
An accident leaves Sisko with enhanced senses, enabling him to find a lost Bajoran city; meanwhile, Bajor is granted permission to join the Federation.
50384.2 The Q and the Grey
The mischievous Q returns to the Voyager with plans to mate with Janeway, but the arrival of another member of the Continuum reveals Q's true reasons – a civil war within the Q, the repercussions of which may spell galactic disaster.
50416.2 The Darkness and The Light
When members of Kira's former Bajoran guerrilla group are killed, she realizes someone has a vendetta against the Shakar Resistance Cell – and she may be next on the list.
50425.1 Macrocosm
Janeway returns from a diplomatic mission to find Voyager has been invaded by a truly alien life form – huge mutant viruses that have attacked and infected the entire crew and are now hunting her and the holographic Doctor.
5044?.? Fair Trade
Neelix feels his services aboard the ship will no longer be needed as Voyager finally leaves the quadrant of space with which he is familiar, so he enlists a fellow Talaxian, Wix, to aid him in finding an astrometric chart, but Wix's price may be too high.
5045?.? The Begotten
As Kira prepares to give birth to the O'Briens' child, Odo has his hands full with a baby changeling – especially when his nemesis, Dr. Mora, arrives.
50460.3 Alter Ego
When Harry falls for a holodeck character called Marayna, he goes to Tuvok for a little Vulcan guidance. But Marayna becomes intrigued with Tuvok and breaks free of the holodeck, menacing the ship.
50485.2 For The Uniform
Sisko chases security chief-turned-Maquis Eddington, who has acquired deadly biogenic weapons and unleashed them on Cardassian planets.
50518.6 Coda
Janeway and Chakotay, caught in a storm while trying to land a shuttle, crash on a planet where a strange chain of events is initiated: Janeway appears to die – several times.
50537.2 Blood Fever
Vorick finds himself suffering the pon farr, or Vulcan mating urge, and attempts to bond with Torres, whose part-Klingon physiology reacts badly, which then jeopardizes an away mission.
5059?.? In Purgatory's Shadow, Part I
An impending attack by the Dominion convinces Sisko to close the wormhole; meanwhile, Garak and Worf are taken prisoner by the Jem'Hadar.
50614.2 Unity
Janeway and the crew of the Voyager have their first encounter with the most relentless beings in the galaxy - the Borg.
50693.2 By Inferno's Light, Part II
Dukat forges a secret alliance with the Dominion; Bashir, Worf and Garak plan to break out from the Jem'Hadar prison; Sisko convinces Gowron to sign a Federation treaty.
50693.2 Darkling
Voyager encounters the Travellers, a race of space explorers, and Kes falls in love with one; meanwhile, the Doctor's experiments in personality-enhancement create a murderous alter-ego that takes control of him.
5070?.? A Simple Investigation
Odo meets a woman who wants out of the crime syndicate that employs her, and decides to try to help her – even as he finds himself failing in love with her.
5070?.? Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
A startling revelation about Dr. Bashir could jeopardize not only his candidacy for the Starfleet holographic doctor program, but his entire career.
5071?.? Business as Usual
Quark finds his lust for profit sorely tested when his cousin hooks him up with a cold-blooded arms dealer who is selling weapons of mass destruction.
5071?.? Rise
A planet suffering a mysterious asteroid bombardment receives assistance from Voyager, but the team assigned to investigate the planet's surface crash-lands, and it's up to Neelix to get them back to the ship.
50712.5 Ties of Blood and Water
A dying Cardassian who once befriended Kira, arrives at the station to confide his final secrets to her, but Dukat and the Dominion want him returned to Cardassia.
50732.4 Favorite Son
After Harry exhibits precognitive skills by anticipating an attack, he guides the ship to a planet where the inhabitants greet him as a long-lost son. But he soon discovers the real reason he's been welcomed – he's wanted as a donor of genetic material.
5075?.? Ferengi Love Songs
Quark's worst nightmare comes true when he discovers the Grand Nagus hiding in the closet of his mother's house, but even this turn of events may prove profitable.
5078?.? Soldiers of the Empire
Worf and Dax volunteer for a rescue mission aboard a Bird of Prey with Martok to search for a missing Klingon ship, but the crew is on the edge of mutiny.
5078?.? Before and After
Kes awakens to find herself pn her deathbed as an old woman surrounded by her children and grandchildren, but then discovers that she is moving back through her life, heading to a point before her birth.
50814.2 Children of Time
A temporal anomaly is the cause of the Defiant's crew meeting their own descendants, who have been stranded on a planet for 200 years and are now in danger of never having existed.
50836.2 Real Life
The Doctor tries to enhance his performance as a physician by creating a holographic family; meanwhile, the ship encounters an
5085?.? Blaze of Glory
A sub-space message indicating cloaked Maquis missles heading for Cardassia prompts Sisko to release Eddington, hoping the rebel leader will help disarm them.
5087?.? Distant Origin
A reptilian alien scientist, bent on proving the distant origin theory of his species finds the remains of a Voyager crewman, but his views are seen as heretical, so he and another of his kind contact Voyager - but their first contact goes disastrously wrong.
5089?.? Empok Nor
A team from DS9 lands on an abandoned Cardassian station in search of spare parts, but soon they're stranded and discover the station's still being guarded.
50893.5 Star Trek VIII: First Contact
Captain Picard meets his old enemy the Borg when the Enterprise tries to foil their attempt to change Earth history. Zefram Cochrane first appeared in the original series episode Metamorphosis. (original air date: November 22, 1996)
50912.4 Displaced
Crew members begin to disappear one by one, only to be replaced by confused aliens called Nyrians who have no idea how they've boarded the ship – but the remaining crew becomes suspicious of the newcomers' apparent ignorance.
50929.4 In The Cards
Jake goes to great lengths to procure a Willie Mays baseball card for his dejected father, who's feeling especially low when Kai Winn arrives to negotiate with the dominion.
50953.4 Worst Case Scenario
Tuvok's holonoval about a mutiny aboard Voyager, originally written as a tactical training scenario, becomes a real threat to the ship when the program is discovered to have been booby-trapped by Seska.
50984.3 Scorpion, Part I
Voyager, deep in the heart of Borg space, encounters the unbelievable – an armada of mighty Borg cubes in the throes of utter annihilation by Species 8-4-7-2, an unstoppable foe.
5099?.? Call To Arms
With the federation on the brink of war with the Dominion, Sisko orders the wormhole mined and the station evacuated. Meanwhile, Leeta bucks Ferengi tradition in her wedding to Rom.
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