Show Stardate Episode
5100?.? A Time To Stand
The sixth season opens with the Federation is in retreat from the Dominion after
51003.7 Scorpion, Part II
Janeway agrees to transfer technology to the Borg to help them fight Species 8-4-7-2, but their alliance is tested when the Borg Cube is destroyed.
5103?.? The Gift
Janeway considers bringing the Borg known as Seven of Nine into the fold. Meanwhile, Tuvok attempts to help Kes develop her increasing telekinetic and telepathic abilities.
5106?.? Day Of Honor
Torres finds that the worst day in life includes Seven of Nine's request for a duty assignment in engineering; a warp core breach and being stranded in space with Paris.
51082.4 Nemisis
After crash-landing on a warring planet, Chakotay finds himself sympathizing with the people who rescued him - and joining them on the battlefield against a sadistic enemy called the Kradin.
51107.2 Rocks and Shoals
After their crippled ship crashes on an uncharted planet, Sisko and crew find they are not alone – a Vorta and a small contingent of Jem'Hadar are also stranded there.
5113?.? Sons And Daughters
When Worf finds himself in charge of a motley group of Klingon volunteers, he discovers – to his dismay – that one of them is his son, Alexander.
51145.3 Behind The Lines
On DS9, Odo is reunited with the female shapeshifter who once took away his changling abilities; this time she shifts his loyal-ties to the Dominion.
51186.2 Revulsion
Torres and the Doctor investigate a distress call sent by a holographic crewman, the sole survivor on a crippled ship; and Kim and Seven of Nine get to know each other.
5119?.? Favor The Bold, Part I
Sisko hatches a bold plan to retake Deep Space Nine from the Dominion; while on station, Rom is sentenced to death for attempted sabotage.
5121?.? Sacrifice Of Angels, Part II
As the Federation and Dominion fleets clash, the Defiant breaks through to the station and the wormhole, where Sisko encounters unexpected alies.
5122?.? The Raven
Seven of Nine, believing she was being contacted by the Borg, escapes from Voyager and discovers a wrecked ship - the same one from which the Borg kidnapped her as a child.
51244.2 Scientific Method
The Doctor and Seven of Nine discover that a mysterious illness that is striking down the crew one by one is actually the work of enigmatic aliens who are using the ship for genetic experiments.
51247.5 You Are Cordially Invited
The wedding day of Dax and Worf finally arrives in a decidedly tongue-in-check episode.
51268.4 Year Of Hell, Part I
Voyager encounters a renegade Kreim warship that exists outside of space-time. On board is a weapon so devastating it can change the past, empowering the present Krenim with a vast empire that Voyager must pass through.
5129?.? Resurrection
When the alternate-universe version of Bareil unexpectedly arrives on DS9, Kira thinks she can deal with her ex-lover's counterpart – until she learns he has a hidden agenda.
5133?.? Statistical Probabilities
Bashir meets with a group of genetically enhanced individuals from the Institute, where he was once an inmate, to help the Federation deal with the Cardassian-Dominion alliance.
51367.2 Random Thoughts
On a planet of telepaths where crime is unheard of and violent thought is prohibited, a savage beating sparks an investigation that centers on Torres, who is charged with aggravated violent thought
5137?.? The Magnificent Ferengi
When Quark's mother is captured by the Dominion, he leads a Ferengi team to exchange a captured Vorta for her.
51386.4 Concerning Flight
Voyager is attacked by space pirates who steal equipment from the ship, leading Janeway to pursue them to their homeworld, where her holodeck program of Leonardo da Vinci proves instrumental in assisting her.
51408.6 Waltz
The ship transporting Gul Dukat to stand trial for war crimes is attacked and destroyed, stranding Sisko and the mentally-deranged Dukat on a deserted planet.
51425.4 Year Of Hell, Part II
Janeway valiantly tries to keep Voyager from total destruction. Meanwhile, aboard the Krenim weapon-ship, hostages Paris and Chakotay disagree on how to escape the clutches of Annorax.
5143?.? Who Mourns for Morn?
When the station's favorite barfly, Morn, is reported dead, Quark stands to inherit Mom's estate – which he discovers includes the profits from a bank robbery.
51449.2 Mortal Coil
Neelix suffers a crisis of faith after being revived by Seven Of Nine's Bork technology following a shuttle accident that rendered him clinically dead for almost nineteen hours.
5145?.? Far Beyond the Stars
Sisko has a crisis of conscience about his career and experiences a vision in which he's a science-fiction writer in 1950s New York, writing about a space-station.
51471.3 Waking Momments
The crew of the U.S.S. Voyager is attacked by a species who occupy a parallel reality in the human dreamstate. Only Chakotay, with his native knowledge of waking dreams, knows how to lead a counterattack.
51474.2 One Little Ship
In order to investigate a rare subspace phenomenon, Dax, O'Brien, and Bashir board the Runabout, Rubicon, that is shrunken to four inches long.
5149?.? Message In a Bottle
An alien relay station enables Voyager to contact the Prometheus, a Federation ship, but when the Doctor is transmitted aboard, he finds the crew has been killed and the ship taken over by Romulans.
51501.4 Hunters
While attempting to establish a relay station to contact Starfleet, the crew of Voyager encounters the Hirogen, a savage race of hunters who intend to make the ship their prey.
5154?.? Honor Among Thieves
While on an undercover operation, O'Brien befriends an Orion Syndicate mob informant who has been ordered to assassinate a Klingon ambassador.
51597.2 Change of Heart
While Worf and Dax are on a covert mission to meet a Cardassian double-agent, Dax is critically wounded and Worf must decide whether to abort the mission or leave her to die.
5164?.? Wrongs Darker than Death or Night
When Kira learns to her dismay, that her mother may have been Gul Dukat's mistress, she uses the Bajoran Orb of Time to travel into the past to uncover the truth.
51652.3 Prey
A member of Species 8472 pursued by the Hirogen, a race of hunters, escapes onto Voyager, where Janeway puts it under her protection - to the chagrin of Seven of Nine.
51679.4 Retrospect
When Seven of Nine reacts badly to an arms dealer - breaking his nose - the Doctor discovers the arms merchant may have covertly harvested Borg nanoprobes from her.
5168?.? Inquisition
On the eve of Dr. Bashir's trip to a medical convention, Starfleet Internal Affairs arrives on DS9 and begins an interrogation of the doctor, accusing him of spying for the Dominion.
51715.2 The Killing Game
The crew of Voyager find themselves in a battle to the death on the holodeck when Hirogens take over the ship and subject them to a WWII simulation in which the crew are French resistance fighters and the Hirogens are Nazis.
51721.3 The The Pale Moonlight
After the fall of Betazed, Sisko decides the only way to beat the Dominion is to seek the help of the Romulans, but this requires a covert operation that involves Garak.
5176?.? His Way
A heartsick Odo consults holographic swinger and lounge singer Vic Fontaine about affairs of the heart – specifically, how to win over Kira.
51762.4 Vis a Vis
Paris befriends an alien names Steth whose ship needs repairs, little realizing the chameleonic creature is planning to assume his identity and take his place aboard Voyager.
51781.2 The Omega Directive
The Omega Directive, a secret Starfleet protocol, results in a dangerous mission for Janeway and the crew as they hunt for an unstable molecule that destroys subspace and prevents warp travel.
5179?.? The Reckoning
Sisko runs afoul of Kai Winn when he removes a Bajoran artifact from an archaeological dig after he receives a vision from the Prophets.
51813.4 Unforgettable
An enigmatic alien who claims to have spent time on the ship. but erased everyone's memory of it, desires political asylum from her race – and tries to rekindle a romance with Chakotay.
51825.4 Valiant
Jake and Nog, en route to Ferenginar, are attacked by the Jem'Hadar but rescued by the USS Valiant, a ship manned by the Red Squad, an elite Starfleet cadet corp on a secret mission.
5185?.? Living Witness
A museum on an alien planet presents a historical re-creation of Voyager as a mercenary battleship guilty of planetary genocide – until a recently reactivated Doctor tries to set the record straight.
5187?.? Profit and Lace
When Grand Nagus Zek's pro-feminist politics get him dethroned, he enlists the aid of Quark, who poses as a woman to persuade the Commerce Authority to reinstate Zek.
5189?.? Demon
When Voyager begins running low on fuel, Paris and Kim scout the surface of an inhospitable Demon Class planet for deuterium, but instead find their bodies mysteriously adapting to the poisonous atmosphere.
5191?.? Time's Orphan
While picnicking on the planet Golana, O'Brien's 8-year-old daughter Molly stumbles into an alien time portal and exits it an 18-year-old wild child.
51929.3 One
When Voyager is required to cross a nebula containing dangerous radiation and gasses, Janeway has the crew put into stasis for a month – except for the holographic Doctor and Seven of nine, who reacts badly to the isolation.
51948.3 The Sound of Her Voice
A marooned Starfleet captain sends a distress call that is picked up by the Defiant, which sets off to rescue her, but the medicine that enables her to breath may not last.
51978.2 Hope & Fear
A garbled message from Starfleet, received by Janeway and decoded by an alien named Arturis, orders the crew to abandon Voyager and board a new ship, with an experimental drive system, that will take them home.
5199?.? Tears of the Prophets
Starfleet Command decides to take the offensive in the war against the Dominion, and Sisko is chosen to lead the invasion of Cardassia.
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