Show Stardate Episode
54014.4 Unimatrix Zero, Part II
Janeway, Tuvok and Torres infiltrate the Borg ship to free the drones of Unimatrix Zero.
54058.6 Drive
B'Elanna tries to rekindle the spark in her relationship with Tom Paris by enlisting as his co-pilot in a galactic rally celebrating a newly established regional alliance.
54090.4 Repression
Tuvok spearheads the investigation when several Maquis members of the Voyager crew are found unconscious, and uncovers a disturbing thuth about the culprit and his intentions.
54129.4 Imperfection
A deteriorating Borg implant in Seven of Nine's brain forces her to confront her mortality as the Doctor and Janeway ponder Icheb's risky proposal for a remedy.
5417?.? Critical Care
A smuggler steals the Doctor's program and off-loads it into a planet where medical care is doled out under the supervision of a pettifogging bureaucrat.
54208.3 Inside Man
The crew teams with a hologram of Reg Barkley on a plan to return Voyager to Earth.
54238.3 Body and Soul
The Doctor, Seven of Nine and Harry Kim are on a mission in the Delta Flyer to study preanimate biomatter from a comet when they are attacked. The captain of the attacking vessel claims the Delta Flyer is transporting a photonic insurgent, which is forbidden. The patrol vessel grabs the Delta Flyer in a tractor beam and fires a disruption field that begins to decompile the Doctor's matrix.
54274.7 Nightingale
Kim jumps at the chance of taking charge of a damaged Kraylor medical ship, but the responsibilities of his first independent command go to his head.
54337.5 Flesh and Blood
The Doctor's loyalties are split between his allegiance to Voyager and his sympathy for a kindred group of holograms.
5440?.? Shattered
Chakotay is struck by a temporal energy blast fromthe warp core and awakes to find Voyager divided into time zones representing its past and future.
54452.6 Lineage
B'Lanna and Tom learn they are expecting a baby, but B'Elanna is unsettled when she learns the child will develop Klingon features.
54474.6 Repentance
Seven of Nine's encounter with a Nygean prisoner awaiting execution awakens feelings of guilt about her association with the Borg Collective.
54518.2 Prophecy
Voyager encounters a group of Klingon refugees whose leader has convinced them that B'Elanna's unborn child is their future messiah.
54553.4 The Void
Voyager is sucked into a black void where trapped ships prey on each other for supplies, prompting Janeway to forge a trading alliance that would encourage peaceful coexistence.
54584.3 Workforce, Part I
Chakotay, Neelix and Kim return from an away mission stunned to find the doctor running the ship alone.
54622.4 Workforce, Part II
Chakotay's mission to deactivate the Quarran energy shield is jeopardized when he becomes the target of a manhunt and must trust the brainwashed Janeway.
5466?.? Human Error
Seven of Nine, creates facsimiles of the crew on the holodeck to improve her human social skills but her efforts complicate her relations with the real people.
54704.5 Q2
Unable to deal with his rambunctious son, Q leaves him aboard Voyager, hoping the boy will learn discipline, but Janeway's not so sure.
54732.3 Author, Author
While the crew takes advantage of a method of talking live to folks back on Earth, the Doctor's work of holographic fiction about life aboard the Starship Vortex causes a stir.
54775.4 Friendship One
Voyager's search for a lost Earth probe leads to a planet whose radiation-ravaged inhabitants take members of the away team hostage.
54827.7 Natural Law
En route to an intergalactic conference, s shuttle containing Chakotay and Seven of Nine is damaged by a force field, marooning the pair on a primitive planet.
54868.6 Homestead
Neelix is thrilled when Voyager detects Talaxian life signs emanating from a nearby asteroid – until he learns the colony is under siege from avaricious miners.
54890.7 Renaissance Man
Upon her return from a deep-space mission, Janeway startles Chakotay with her plans to hand over the ship's warp core to the R'Kaal collective.
54973.4 Endgame
Janeway uses time travel to try to help Voyager return to Earth.
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