Show Stardate Episode
42073.1 The Child
As the crew rushes samples of a disease organism to a research station, Troi announces that she's pregnant. Whoopi Goldberg joins the cast as Guinan. (original air date: November 21, 1988)
42193.6 Where Silence Has Lease
En route to the Morgana Quadrant, the Enterprise is trapped in an inexplicable void, where the crew discovers a deserted spacecraft. (original air date: November 28, 1988)
42286.3 Elementary, Dear Data
When the crew gets a few days off, Geordi plans a diversion for himself and Data on the holodeck – they play Holmes and Watson in Victorian England. (original air date: December 5, 1988)
42402.7 The Outrageous Okona
The crew hosts the captain of a disabled ship, a charming rogue who's accused of philandering and jewel theft; meanwhile, Data tries to understand humor. (original air date: December 12, 1988)
42437.5 The Schizoid Man
The Away Team, led by Data, goes on a mission of mercy to help a dying scientist whose final act causes the android to suffer a split personality. (original air date: January 23, 1989)
42477.2 Loud as a Whisper
A deaf war mediator is escorted by the Away Team to the site of a centuries-long conflict. (original air date: January 9, 1989)
42494.8 Unnatural Selection
Responding to an emergency call for help from a supply ship, the Enterprise encounters an epidemic that causes rapid aging and death. (original air date: January 30, 1989)
42506.5 A Matter of Honor
An exchange program that allows Cdr. Riker to become the first Federation officer to serve on Klingon vessel turns into a dangerous confrontation between the Klingons and the Enterprise. (original air date: February 6, 1989)
42523.7 The Measure of a Man
The officer in charge of a new starbase orders Data to be disassembled for study. When Data refuses, a Judge Advocate General sets up a hearing with Picard as defense counsel and Riker as prosecutor. (original air date: February 13, 1989)
42568.8 The Dauphin
When the Enterprise is assigned to escort a young woman to Daled Four, her overprotective guardian tries to keep a lovestruck Wesley at bay. (original air date: February 20, 1989)
42609.1 Contagion
When a computer virus renders the Enterprise vulnerable to Romulan attack in the Neutral Zone, Picard and the Away Team beam down to the site of a lost civilization to find the source of the infection. (original air date: March 20, 1989)
42625.4 The Royale
Hunting for clues about a wreckage of an Air Force ship, the Away Team lands in the Hotel Royale, where Riker, Worf and Data are cut off from the Enterprise and can find no exit. (original air date: March 27, 1989)
42679.2 Time Squared
The Enterprise encounters a shuttle-craft with an unconscious double of Capt. Picard on board. (original air date: April 3, 1989)
42686.4 The Icarus Factor
When Riker is offered the captaincy of a starship, his delight turns to hostility when the officer assigned to brief him turns out to be his estranged father. Meanwhile, Worf suffers a spiritual crisis. (original air date: April 24, 1989)
42695.3 Pen Pals
A little girl contacts Data when her planet is imperiled by a series of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and Wesley is put in charge of finding the cause. (original air date: May 1, 1989)
42761.3 Q Who
Picard's archnemesis Q tosses the Enterprise into a deadly battle with the Borg, whose collective mind overpowers the starship's defenses. (original air date: May 8, 1989)
42779.1 Samaritan Snare
After Picard is taken to Starbase Scylla 515 for a heart operation, the Enterprise answers a distress call from a vessel crewed by Pakleds, who take Geordi hostage. (original air date: May 15, 1989)
42823.2 Up the Long Ladder
The Enterprise encounters two threatened cultures; the Bringloidis, descendants of colonists from Earth; and the Mariposans, clones who desperately need genetic material. (original air date: May 22, 1989)
42859.2 Manhunt
En route to a federation conference, the crew picks up two delegates from the planet Antede Three, and gets a surprise visit from Troi's mother, who avidly pursues Capt. Picard. (original air date: June 19, 1989)
42901.3 The Emissary
A half-Klingon woman from Worf's past boards the Enterprise as a special agent to intercept a Klingon vessel carrying a crew in cryogrnic suspension. (original air date: June 29, 1989)
42923.4 Peak Performance
Cdr. Riker and Capt. Picard are pitted against each other in a Starfleet war game, with Picard helming the Enterprise and Riker the Hathaway, an 80-year-old clunker. (original air date: July 10, 1989)
42976.1 Shades of Gray
Riker contracts a mysterious disease that attacks the central nervous system, and Dr. Pulaski tries to save him with a potentially lethal course of trwatment. (original air date: July 17, 1989)
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