Show Stardate Episode
2152/03/?? Shockwave, Part II
Archer is stuck in the 31st century with time-traveler Daniels. But Archer's absence has caused a major ripple in time: The Federation never existed. Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, T'Pol allows the Suliban to board the ship. (original air date: September 18, 2002)
2152/04 Carbon Creek
T'Pol entertains Archer and Trip with the tale of a crash-landed Vulcan ship, whose stranded crew lived in disguise among the denizens of a Pennsylvania mining town circa 1957. (original air date: September 25, 2002)
2152/05/?? Minefield
Archer's awkward breakfast with Reed is interrupted when the Enterprise enters a minefield and Reed has to defuse an explosive affixed to the hull. (original air date: October 2, 2002)
2152/05/?? Dead Stop
Following the ordeal in the minefield, the crew links up with an automated repair vessel that troubles Archer when its computer steals information from the Enterprise's data banks. (original air date: October 9, 2002)
2152/05/?? A Night in Sickbay
Archer is fuming after the Kreetassans refuse to part with parts for Enterprise because of a diplomatic gaffe involving his dog, Porthos, which then falls ill with a mysterious disorder. (original air date: October 16, 2002)
2152/06/?? Marauders
Archer and Trip visit an alien colony seeking deuterium fuel, but their suspicions are aroused when the planet's drillers prove reluctant to deal with them. (original air date: October 30, 2002)
2152/06/?? The Seventh
A disturbing incident from T'Pol's past prompts her to seek Archer's help in apprehending a renegade undercover Vulcan agent wanted for smuggling biotoxins used to make weapons. (original air date: November 6, 2002)
2152/07/?? The Communicator
Archer and Reed go undercover on a preatomic-era alien world to retrieve a communicator Reed left behind on a previous visit and they're captured and held as spies. (original air date: November 13, 2002)
2152/07/?? Singularity
As the Enterprise nears a black hole, members of the crew are exposed to radiation, which causes them to become increasingly obsessed with mundane tasks. (original air date: November 20, 2002)
2152/07/?? Vanishing Point
Hoshi is convinced her body's molecules are destabilizing after enduring a traumatic trip through the Enterprise transporter to escape a sudden storm on a primitive planet. (original air date: November 27, 2002)
2152/08/12 Precious Cargo
Trip discovers a kidnapped Krios royal aboard an alien freighter, but her haughty behavior interferes with Trip's rescue efforts when the pair must share a cramped pod. (original air date: December 11, 2002)
2152/08/18 The Catwalk
After rescuing a group of stranded aliens, the Enterprise is caught in a perilous ion storm, compelling the crew to retire to the safety of the ship's reinforced - but cramped - catwalk. (original air date: December 18, 2002)
2152/09/?? Dawn
Trip is marooned after his shuttle is downed by an Arkonian pilot whose ship crashes on the same moon, while Archer's search is stalled by the Arkonians' distrust of T'Pol. (original air date: January 8, 2003)
2152/09/?? Sigma
T'Pol's health is jeopardized by a rare illness associated with mind melders. Because that sect is ostracized by Vulcan society, she tries to keep her disease a secret. (original air date: February 5, 2003)
2152/10/?? Cease Fire
The Enterprise is caught in the midst of an ageold feud when Archer is ordered to mediate a bloody planetary dispute between the Andorians and their long-time Vulcan nemeses. (original air date: February 12, 2003)
2152/10/?? Future Tense
Archer's interest in a human body recovered from a crashed spacecraft takes a backseat to threats posed by the Suliban and the Tholians, both of whom seek the craft. (original air date: February 19, 2003)
2152/11/?? Canamar
Following a seemingly successful first contact mission, Archer and Trip are charged with smuggling and imprisoned aboard a penal vessel, where several inmates plot escape. (original air date: February 26, 2003)
2152/11/?? The Crossing
Trip and several other members of the Enterprise crew are possussed by ghostly beings after the ship is swallowed up by a massive alien vessel. (original air date: April 2, 2003)
2152/12/?? Judgment
Archer is put on trial by the Klingons and accused by a disgraced Klingon officer of having his battle-cruiser crippled by the Enterprise in a firefight, and of aiding rebels of the Empire, but he finds a friend in his defender, Kolos. (original air date: April 9, 2003)
2153/01/10 Horizon
Mayweather is granted leave to visit his family after the sudden death of his father, a cargoship captain. But his return to the old vessel is complicated by family tension. (original air date: April 16, 2003)
2153/02/?? The Breach
The rescue of a damaged transport prompts the Denobulan Phiox to confront his prejudices when he treats an Antaran, whose people are sworn enemies of Phiox's. (original air date: April 23, 2003)
2153/02/?? Cogenitor
Enterprise's first contact with the Vissian race proves mutually rewarding until Trip befriends an alien couple's congenitor - a being used for breeding purposes only. (original air date: April 30, 2003)
2153/03/01 Regeneration
Enterprise searches for a party of missing scientific researchers who vanished from the Arctic after discovering a crashed spacecraft and its dormant cybernetic crew. (original air date: May 7, 2003)
2153/03/1? First Flight
Stunned by the death of a former Starfleet rival, Archer grudgingly recalls their competitive relationship to T'Pol as they probe a nebula during a shuttle voyage. (original air date: May 14, 2003)
2153/03/21 Bounty
A crafty Tellarite tricks Archer into boarding his ship to collect a bounty from the Klingons; T'Pol's mating cycle is kick-started after she is contaminated by a stray microbe. (original air date: May 14, 2003)
2153/04/24 The Expanse
The second season ends as the crew probes a deadly alien strike on Earth. (original air date: May 21, 2003)
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