Show Stardate Episode
2153/??/?? The Xindi
Captain Archer and his crew set out to gain information about the mysterious and antagonistic Xindi race. (original air date: September 10, 2003)
2153/??/?? Anomaly
Enterprise starts experiencing effects of the spatial distortions pervading the Delphic Expanse, and falls victim to predatory aliens. (original air date: September 17, 2003)
2153/??/?? Extinction
On a mission to investigate an abandoned Xindi vessel on a jungle planet, Archer, Reed and Hoshi succumb to a virus that mutates them into a primal life form. (original air date: September 24, 2003)
2153/??/?? Rajiin
The NX-01 gets closer to a showdown with the Xindi when Captain Archer takes on an enigmatic passenger: a beautiful slave named Rajiin. (original air date: October 1, 2003)
2153/??/?? Impulse
When Enterprise responds to a distress call from a Vulcan ship stranded in the Delphic Expanse, Archer and his boarding team are attacked by insane zombie-like Vulcans. (original air date: October 8, 2003)
2153/??/?? Exile
A powerful telepath makes contact with Hoshi and offers to help Enterprise find the Xindi ... for a price. (original air date: October 15, 2003)
2153/??/?? The Shipment
Archer, Reed and Major Hayes infiltrate a Xindi-Sloth industrial colony to learn more about the weapon of mass destruction that will be used against Earth. (original air date: October 29, 2003)
2153/??/?? Twilight
A spatial distortion leaves Archer unable to form any new long-term memories. Years in the future, he wakes up one morning and is stunned to learn the outcome of the human-Xindi conflict. (original air date: November 5, 2003)
2153/??/?? North Star
When a settlement of humans living a 19th-century Western lifestyle is discovered on a Delphic Expanse planet, Archer and crew set out to learn how they got there. (original air date: November 12, 2003)
2153/??/?? Similitude
Trip is injured in an accident that disables the ship. His only hope for survival is a transplant from a “mimetic simbiot” which Phlox grows from one of his exotic creatures. (original air date: November 19, 2003)
2153/??/?? Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol travel back in time to 2004 Detroit to stop a Xindi plot. (original air date: November 26, 2003)
2153/??/?? Chosen Realm
A group of religious zealots hijack Enterprise intending to use it against the enemies of their faith. (do not have) (original air date: January 14, 2004)
2153/12/06 Proving Ground
An Andorian ship led by Commander Shran arrives in the Delphic Expanse to help Enterprise hone in on the Xindi superweapon. (original air date: January 21, 2004)
2153/12/12 Stratagem
Archer finds himself face-to-face with Degra, the designer of the Xindi superweapon, and tries to trick him into revealing its location. (original air date: February 4, 2004)
2153/12/27 Harbinger
As Archer tries to unravel the mystery of a rescued alien, long-simmering feelings explode among his senior officers. (original air date: February 11, 2004)
2154/01/?? Doctor's Orders
The fate of Enterprise is in Dr. Phlox's hands as the rest of the crew must be induced into a coma in order to survive a trans-dimensional disturbance. (original air date: February 18, 2004)
2154/01/08 Hatchery
Enterprise finds a crashed Xindi-Insectoid ship containing an incubation chamber filled with Insectoid eggs. The crew must now decide whether to devote resources to save the offspring. (original air date: February 25, 2004)
2154/01/?? Azati Prime
Archer embarks on a suicide mission to destroy the Xindi's nearly completed planet-killing weapon. (original air date: March 3, 2004)
2154/01/?? Damage
While dissension among Xindi ranks festers, Enterprise tries to recover from a devastating attack. (original air date: April 21, 2004)
2154/01/?? The Forgotten
Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their superweapon if Archer can prove they've been manipulated. Meanwhile, the crew mourns their lost mates. (original air date: April 28, 2004)
2154/02/?? E^2
An attempt to use a Xindi subspace corridor leads Enterprise to a bizarre encounter with another Starfleet ship. (original air date: May 5, 2004)
2154/02/?? The Council
Archer confronts the Xindi Council. (original air date: May 12, 2004)
2154/02/13 Countdown
With help from some Xindi factions, the Enterprise crew attempts to stop the arming of the Xindi Weapon. (original air date: May 19, 2004)
2154/02/14 Zero Hour
Archer puts his life on the line in a risky gambit to intercept the Xindi superweapon and disarm it from within. (original air date: May 26, 2004)
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