Show Stardate Episode
46001.3 Time's Arrow, Part II
The Enterprise crew encounters parasitic time travelers and a suspicious Samuel Clemens during the search for Data in 19th-century San Francisco. Part 2 of 2.
46041.1 Realm Of Fear
A crewman's fear of being transported intensifies after he encounters a mysterious creature while transporting back to the Enterprise from a marooned ship.
46071.6 Man of the People
While an alien ambassador attempts to mediate a truce between two warring factions, Troi's behavior begins to change – as does her appearance.
46125.3 Relics
After encountering the wreck of a starship that crashed 75 years ago, the Enterprise crew discovers a survivor suspended in the transporter system – Montgomery “Scotty” Scott.
46154.2 Schisms
When an experiment of La Forge's goes awry, the crew is subjected to an alien presence that causes persons to suffer mysterious ailments – and to vanish from the ship.
46192.3 True Q
While on a mission to save a polluted planet, a young intern aboard the Enterprise displays unusual powers – and is visited by Picard's old foe Q.
46235.7 Rascals
Picard, Guinan, Ens. Ro and Keiko are transformed into children during an unfortunate accident – which may prove fortunate to the Enterprise when it's seized by Ferengis.
46271.5 A Fistful of Datas
A holodeck adventure turns deadly for Worf and Alexander, who find themselves pitted against two Wild West outlaws – both with Data's face and android abilities.
46315.2 The Quality of Life
Data is forced to choose between man and machine after a scientist introduces the crew to devices known as “exocomps” – which he believes are alive.
46357.4 Chain of Command, Part I
As relations between the Federation and the Cardassians deteriorate, Picard resigns his command of the Enterprise to lead a secret mission with Worf and Crusher. Part 1 of 2.
46360.8 Chain of Command, Part II
While Picard is held captive and tortured by Gul Madred, Captain Jellico infuriates the crew with his callous behavior – and endangers the Enterprise by planning a first strike on the Cardassians. Part 2 of 2.
46379.1 Emissary, Part I
Cdr. Sisko arrives at Deep Space Nine to oversee repairs, but while investigating the origins of a mysterious orb he finds himself trapped by an alien force.
46392.7 Emissary, Part II
While the Cardassians threaten to attack the station, Sisko must attempt to communicate with the force that has him trapped in the wormhole. (original air date: January 10, 1993)
4641?.? Past Prologue
The presence of a suspected Bajoran terrorist jeopardizes the welfare of those aboard Deep Space Nine and tests the loyalties of Kira.
46421.5 A Man Alone
Odo's credibility comes into question when a Bajoran he tried to evict from the station turns up dead; Keiko tries to start a school.
46423.7 Babel
After O'Brien services the food replicators, Deep Space Nine falls victim to a strange virus that renders its victims unable to communicate with others.
46424.1 Ship in a Bottle
The game is afoot when a Sherlock Holmes holodeck adventure goes awry, releasing archnemesis Prof. Moriarty from the realm of computer simulation to reality.
4648?.? Captive Pursuit
When a damaged alien vessel docks at the station, O'Brien befriends the mysterious pilot – who is being pursued by a predatory hunter.
46481.3 Aquiel
Geordi finds himself drawn romantically to a Starfleet lieutenant who is suspected of murder.
4650?.? Tapestry
After Picard is mortally wounded during a surprise attack, he finds in the afterlife with his foe Q, who gives him a chance to change his destiny.
46519.1 Face of the Enemy
Diana is kidnapped by Romulans.
46532.3 Q-Less
Deep Space Nine is visited by Vash and Q, whose arrivals are marked b a series of mysterious incidents that could result in the destruction of the station.
4656?.? The Passenger
A mad scientist transfers his brain patterns to Dr. Bashir's body in a plot to hijack a shipment of deadly duridium arriving from the Gamma Quadrant.
46578.4 Birthright, Part I
A layover on Deep Space Nine marks the beginning of adventures for Worf and Data, as each sets out on a quest to find his father. Part 1 of 2.
4660?.? Move Along Home
Quark's attempt at deception toward a newly-encountered alien race places the space station's senior officers in a labyrinth of danger.
4663?.? The Nagus
Quark is suddenly named leader of the Ferengi financial empire, and discovers that he's not only popular – he's now a target for death.
46659.2 Birthright, Part II
Worf is imprisoned in a Romulan camp where Klingons and Romulans appear to coexist in peace – a situation that Worf finds unbearable. Part 2 of 2.
4666?.? Vortex
An alien outlaw tries to prevent extradition from DS9 to his home planet by tempting Odo with knowledge of a colony of shape-shifters on a distant asteroid.
46682.4 Starship Mine
Picard is trapped aboard the Enterprise with a group of intergalactic thieves after the rest of the crew evacuates the ship because of a dangerous cleaning process.
46693.1 Lessons
Picard falls in love with the new head of the ship's Stellar Sciences department – whom he must send on a dangerous mission.
4670?.? Battle Lines
Sisko, Kira, Dr. Bashir and Kai Opaka crashland on a small moon where warring humanoid races are condemned to fight a battle with no end.
46729.1 The Storyteller
On Bajor, O'Brien becomes a reluctant savior as he tries to protect a village from a lethal force. Meanwhile, negotiations between warring clans get an unexpected boost from Nog.
46731.5 The Chase
While investigating an attack on his former archaeology professor, Picard tries to unravel a genetic mystery that may link the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans.
46778.1 Frame of Mind
Riker questions his sanity as he confronts altered realities – a theatrical presentation on the Enterprise, a covert mission, and an alien insane asylum.
46830.1 Suspicions
Dr. Crusher jeopardizes her career as she investigates the death of a Ferengi scientist whose invention may have been coveted by others.
46844.3 Progress
Kira questions her Bajoran heritage as she tries to evacuate an old farmer whose home is threatened by a mining project.
46852.2 Rightful Heir
A Legendary Klingon warrior returns to challenge Worf and threaten the stability of the High Council.
46853.2 If Wishes Were Horses
The crew is amazed when dreams and fantasies become real, but the occurrences seem linked to a galactic disturbance that threatens the station.
46910.1 DAX
When Jadzia Dax is arrested and accused of murder and treason, Sisko tries to prevent her extradition and enlists Kira, Odo and Dr. Bashir to help in her defense.
46915.2 Second Chances
During a visit to a former mission site, Riker encounters his double – the result of a transporter mishap – and learns the man is still in love with Troi.
46922.3 Dramatis Personae
Mutinous dissent spreads on DS9 when a Klingon ship mysteriously explodes after exiting the wormhole, leaving Odo the only one unaffected.
46925.1 The Forsaken
Downloaded data from a mysterious probe causes DS9's computer to crave O'Brien's attention. Meanwhile, Odo finds himself the object of Lwaxana Troi's affections.
46944.2 Timescape
Returning from a conference, Picard, Troi, Data, and La Forge find the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird motionless, stuck in time – and in mid-battle.
4696?.? Duet
Kira discovers that a Cardassian visiting the station could actually be a notorious war criminal.
46982.1 Descent, Part I
While investigating a Federation-outpost massacre, the Enterprise encounters the Borg, whose individual identities and viciousness trigger a startling change in Data. Part 1 of 2.
4699?.? In The Hands Of The Prophets
When a Bajoran spiritual leader objects to Keiko's secular teachings, she threatens to destroy the alliance between Bajor and the Federation.
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