Show Stardate Episode
4700?.? The Homecoming
Kira risks her life, and war with the Cardassians, to rescue a mythical Bajoran hero from a distant prison colony. (original air date: September 26, 1993)
47025.4 Descent, Part II
Picard, Troi, and Geordi are held prisoner by Data, who has joined his evil brother Lore in assuming leadership of the Borg.
4706?.? The Circle
Relieved of her post and sent back to Bajor, Kira helps to reveal the hidden force behind The Circle – and a greater secret that could destroy them all. (original air date: October 3, 1993)
4708?.? Liaisons
The crew hosts Iyaaran ambassadors: one is assigned to Troi; the other seeks to provoke an undiplomatic Worf. Meanwhile, Picard, en route to Iyar, is rescued by a woman who falls in love with him.
4712?.? The Siege
While Sisko leads a daring last stand against the Bajoran takeover forces, Kira and Dax embark on a desperate mission to reveal the truth about the coup. (original air date: October 10, 1993)
47135.2 Gambit, Part I
While investigating the apparent death of Picard, Riker is kidnapped and taken to a mercenary ship that's been looting archaeological sites – only to discover Picard among the crew.
47150.1 Gambit, Part II
Picard and Riker, having ingratiated themselves with the mercenaries, seek to drive them to mutiny – and learn the true nature of the mysterious artifacts they seek.
47177.2 Cardassians
When a young Cardassian orphan arrives at DS9, Dr. Bashir and Garak become embroiled in political intrigue involving the boy's father and Gul Dukat.
47182.1 Invasive Procedure
During a plasma storm, Deep Space Nine is evacuated, with only a skeleton crew remaining behind to maintain the station until the storm passes. Posing as a cargo transport in distress, an unjoined Trill, a pair of hired Klingon mercenaries and a former prostitute board the station and overpower the crew.
47215.5 Interface
Geordi, attached to an experimental interfacing probe, thinks he sees his mother on a stranded ship – although the craft was reported missing more than three hundred light years away.
47225.7 Phantasms
Data's dream program begins to produce nightmares that dangerously affect his behavior – but may hold clues to unusual occurrences aboard the ship.
47229.1 Melora
Dr. Bashir becomes romantically involved with a disabled cartographer; Quark's life is threatened by an old aquaintance.
47254.1 Dark Page
Troi's mother, Lwaxana, suffers a breakdown while the Enterprise hosts a delegation of telepathic aliens.
4726?.? Rules of Aquisition
Quark, recruited by the Grand Nagus for Gamma Quadrant negotiations, recruits a partner of his own – unaware it's actually a Ferengi female.
47282.5 Necessary Evil
An attack on Quark's life brings Odo face to face with a five-year-old unsolved murder – for which Kira was a prime suspect. (original air date: November 14, 1993)
47304.2 Attached
Picard and Dr. Crusher discover their true feelings toward each other via a telepathic link when they become imprisoned together during a diplomatic mission.
47310.2 Force of Nature
While searching for a missing ship, the Enterprise encounters an alien brother and sister who insist that warp-drive engines are destroying their region of outer space.
47329.4 Second Sight
Sisko falls in love for the first time since his wife's death, but the object of his affections may not be all that she seems.
47391.2 Parallels
Worf finds he is the only one who notices reality changing – and his sanity ebbing – after he returns from a Klingon competition.
47391.2 Sanctuary
A group of destitute alien refugees arrives on DS9 in search of a legendary promised land – which turns out to be Bajor.
47391.4? Rivals
Quark feels threatened when a charming swindler arrives on Deep Space Nine and opens a competing bar.
47391.7 The Alternate
Odo's mentor arrives on Deep Space Nine intent on resuming his search for Odo's true origin.
47410.2 Inheritance
Data meets a woman who claims to be Juliana Soong – Noonian Soong's ex-wife and Data's mother.
47423.9 Homeward
On a mission to a planet that is losing its atmosphere, Worf encounters his adoptive brotherin a desperate attempt to save the inhabitants.
47457.1 The Pagesus
Riker's loyalties are divided when his former commanding officer risks the Enterprise on a dangerous mission to salvage his former ship.
4751?.? Sub Rosa
After Dr. Crusher attends her grandmother's funeral, strange happenings lead her to believe she's inherited the family ghost.
47529.4 Armageddon Game
Bashir and O'Brien work to rid two alien races of deadly weapons, unaware that their hosts intend to sacrifice them as part of the peace process.
47566.7 Lower Decks
Four junior officers find themselves tested beyond their expectations when a secret mission takes the place of their promotion evaluation.
47573.1 Paradise
Sisko and O'Brien are stranded on a planet inhabited by a colony of humans who have rejected any form of technology.
47581.2 Whispers
O'Brien returns from a security mission to notice that the entire crew has seemingly turned against him.
47603.3 Shadowplay
Odo and Dax try to solve the mystery of an alien planet whose inhabitants are disappearing without explanation.
47611.2 Thine Own Self
Data finds himself stranded on a planet with a pre-industrial society – with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Meanwhile, Troi takes the Bridge Officer's test.
47615.2 Masks
After the Enterprise encounters a mysterious comet, Data exhibits multiple personalities – and the ship is transformed into an ancient city.
47623.2 Eye of the Beholder
During the investigation of a crew member's mysterious suicide, Troi and Worf find their relationship taking a romantic turn.
4764?.? Playing God
While hosting her first Trill initiate, Dax discovers a tiny, developing universe, which threatens to destroy the station as it expands.
47653.2 Genesis
The crew begins to exhibit strange behavioral changes – eventually regressing into primitive creatures.
4768?.? Profit And Loss
When Quark is reunited with the love of his life, a Cardassian who is now a fugitive, he is ready to sacrifice everything to win her back.
4772?.? Blood Oath
Dax is bound by an 80-year-old blood oath to help three elderly Klingons avenge the deaths of their children.
47751.2 Journey's End
Wesley, on a break from Starfleet Academy, becomes involved in a dispute over the relocation of Native Americans from a planet annexed by the Cardassians.
4776?.? The Maquis, Part I
Sisko uncovers a Federation terrorist group whose actions could start another war with the Cardassians.
47779.4 Firstborn
An enigmatic family friend gives Worf some unexpected help in teaching his son Alexander to be a Klingon warrior.
4780?.? The Maquis, Part II
Sisko and Gul Dukat join forces in an effort to avert a war between the Cardassians and a group of Federation colonists led by Sisko's old friend.
47829.1 Bloodlines
A renegade Ferengi promises revenge on Picard – by killing the son the captain never knew he had. (continuation of “The Battle” on stardate 41723.9)
4784?.? The Wire
Dr. Bashir's Cardassian friend, Garak, collapses in Quark's bar, and Bashir discovers that Garak has a brain implant that must be removed in order to save his life.
47869.2 Emergence
Mysterious malfunctions in the Enterprise's computer systems lead the crew to the holodeck, where passengers on a train hold the only clues.
47879.2 Crossover
A mishap in the wormhole sends Kira and Bashir into an alternate universe where Bajor is a tyrannical power and humans are slaves.
4791?.? The Collaborator
Kira must investigate the man she loves when she learns he may be the Cardassian collaborator responsible for the massacre of forty-three Bajorans.
47941.7 Preemptive Strike
Ro Laren is recruited to infiltrate the Maquis, renegade colonists believed to be smuggling weapons into the Demilitarized Zone.
47944.2 Tribunal
O'Brien, framed as a weapons smuggler and Maquis sympathizer, faces a trial that will lead to certain death an Cardassia.
47988 All Good Things...
Picard is hurtling uncontrollably from the past to the present to the future and back again. It seems that a spatial anomaly may hold a clue to the time-tripping, and Picard sets off to investigate. But on his way, he encounters his old foe Q, who informs him that humanity is doomed – and that Picard will be responsible. What Q doesn't tell him is how or why.
4799?.? The Jem'Hadar
During a trip to the Gamma Quadrant with Jake and Nog, Sisko and Quark are imprisoned by soldiers working for a mysterious power known as the Dominion.
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