Show Stardate Episode
48213.1 The Search, Part I
Hoping to avert an invasion, Sisko takes his officers into the Gamma Quadrant on a dangerous mission to find the mysterious leaders of the Dominion.
48213.1 The Search, Part II
While Odo struggles to learn the ways of his people, Sisko discovers that the price of peace with the Dominion may be too high.
4825?.? The House Of Quark
In order to boost his business and gain respect, Quark lies about killing a Klingon, then winds up forced to marry the dead man's widow.
4828?.? Equilibrium
A deadly secret from Dax's past could mean the end of Jadzia's life.
48315.6 Caretaker
A Federation starship crew and a group of outlaw resistance fighters form an alliance when both are swept into a distant region of space and encounter an alien presence known as the Caretaker.
4832?.? Second Skin
Kira is kidnapped by the Cardassians, who try to prove to her that she is really one of their people.
4835?.? The Abandoned
Odo tries to convince a young, violent Jem'Hadar that there is more to life than fighting and killing.
4839?.? Civil Defence
When Jake accidentally activates an old Cardassian security program, the station is locked down and threatened with self-destruction.
48423.2 Meridian
A planet materializes in the Gamma Quadrant, and in the course of the investigation Dax falls in love with one of the inhabitants – who will soon disappear, with the rest of the planet, for 60 years.
48439.7 Parallax
Voyager is contacted by a ship trapped on the event horizon of a collapsed star, but closer examination reveals the ship to be the Voyager itself.
48467.3 Defiant
Riker arrives on DS9 for a brief shore leave, but when the Defiant is hijacked, his true identity is revealed – and war between the Federation and the Cardassians becomes a possibility.
4847?.? Fascination
An epidemic of unrequited love sweeps through the station during a Bajoran festival, causing complications between crew members and guests.
48481.2 Past Tense, Part I
A transporter accident sends Sisko, Dax and Bashir back in time to San Francisco in 2024, where their actions could alter the future.
48481.2 Past Tense, Part II
Sisko, trapped in the past, must assume the identity of a doomed historical figure to ensure the continuity of the future.
4849?.? Time And Again
While investigating a massive shock wave in space, Janeway and Paris transport to a planet where all life has been obliterated – and discover that they may be the cause.
48498.4 Life Support
Dr. Bashir must employ highly unorthodox methods to keep a seriously injured Vedek Bareil alive during secret negotiations with the Cardassians.
48521.5 Heart of Stone
When Kira becomes trapped in a living crystal, Odo is her only hope for escape. Meanwhile, Nog lobbies Sisko for admission to Starfleet.
48532.4 Phage
Neelix's lungs are harvested by aliens intent on collecting body organs for their own purposes – and Zimmerman must use untested methods to keep him alive.
48543.2 Destiny
The arrival of Cardassian scientists on DS9 appears to fulfill an ancient Bajoran prophecy – one that would also predict the destruction of the station.
48546.2 The Cloud
Voyager files into what appears to be an unusual nebula, but closer examination reveals it to be a living organism – now injured by the ship's intrusion.
48579.4 Eye Of The Needle
The discovery of a small wormhole prompts Janeway to send a probe through it – making contact with a ship in the Alpha Quadrant.
4858?.? Prophet Motive
Quark has an unexpected visit from Grand Nagus Zek – but even more unexpected are Zek's radical changes to the Rules of Acquisition and establishment of the Ferengi Benevolent Association.
4860?.? Ex Post Facto
When Paris is sentenced by an alien court for murder, his punishment is to relive the victim's final moments again and again.
48623.5 Emanations
While investigating an alien graveyard, Kim is transported to the alien's homeworld, appearing to them to be someone who has risen from the dead – causing them great philosophical consternation.
4863?.? Visionary
While battling a case of radiation poisoning, O'Brien begins to time-shift into the future, where he sees himself killed – and the station destroyed.
48632.4 Star Trek VII: Generations
A recurring time/space warp unites Captain Kirk and Captain Picard, and together they try to stop a maniac who threatens the galaxy. (original air date: November 18, 1994)
48642.5 Prime Factors
The crew encounters the Sikarians, a hedonistic alien culture that has the ability to travel instantaneously through the galaxy – which may be the key to Voyager returning home.
48658.2 State of Flux
When Voyager responds to a distress call from a Kazon vessel, they discover Federation technology on board, prompting Janeway to suspect a traitor aboard her ship.
4867?.? Distant Voices
When Dr. Bashir denies an alien a controlled substance, the alien's retribution takes the form of a telepathic attack, slowly destroying Bashir's mind and body.
48693.2 Heros and Demons
It falls to the holographic Dr. Zimmerman to rescue crew members trapped on the Holodeck by an alien intelligence that has taken the form of the folk-tale monster Grendel.
4871?.? Through the Looking Glass
Sisko is transported to a parallel universe where he must assume the identity of a rebel leader fighting a Cardassian-Klingon alliance – and convince his wife to join the rebels.
48734.2 Cathexis
After Tuvok and Chakotay return from investigating a black nebula, Voyager crew members become possessed by an alien presence.
4875?.? Improbable Cause, Part I
An attempt on Garak's life triggers an investigation by Odo that uncovers a conspiracy of galactic proportions.
48784.2 Faces
An away team is captured by the Vidiians, who extract Torres' Klingon DNA in an effort to find a cure for a disease ravaging their people – but the process turns Torres into two people, one fully Klingon, one fully human.
4879?.? The Die is Cast, Part II
After being picked up by the renegade Cardassian-Romulan attack fleet, Garak's loyalties are sorely tested when he must torture Odo for information about the Founders.
4883?.? Explorers
Sisko builds a primitive Bajoran starship he intends to sail to Cardassia with Jake, but the voyage doesn't go smoothly; Dr. Bashir encounters an old classmate from Starfleet Medical School.
48832.1 Jetrel
An alien doctor responsible for a genocidal weapon used against the Talaxians believes Neelix may be infected with a fatal disease as an aftereffect of exposure to it.
48846.5 Learning Curve
The ship's systems mysteriously begin to malfunction; Tuvok takes on the thankless task of training Maquis crew members in Star Fleet discipline.
4888?.? Family Business
Quark and Rom return to their home planet when their mother Ishka is accused of breaking Ferengi law; Sisko meets a friend of Jake's.
48892.1 Projections
The doctor must leave sickbay to assess damage to the ship from a Kazon attack and comes to suspect that he is real and everything else is a hologram.
4892?.? Shakaar
Kai Winn asks Kira to prevail upon a former resistance leader to return equipment he has stolen from the Bajoran government.
48921.3 Elogium
When Voyager encounters a swarm of space-dwelling lifeforms, Kes's reproductive process speeds up, jeopardizing her only chance to have a child.
48959.1 Facets
Jadzia Dax must face past hosts in the Trill Rite of Closure, but complications ensue when Odo is possessed by the spirit of Curzon Dax.
48959.1 The Adversary
On a mission to protect Federation outposts, the Defiant is hijacked by a Dominion agent on a mission to incite war in the Alpha Quadrant.
48975.1 The 37's
The crew finds Amelia Earhart.
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