Show Stardate Episode
49005.3 Initiations
After saving the life of a young Kazon warrior who was trying to kill him, Chakotay is kidnapped and taken aboard a Kazon ship.
49011. Non Sequitur
A temporal anomaly sends Kim into the arms of a long-lost love in an alternate reality where Harry never boarded the Voyager.
49011.4 The Way of the Warrior
Klingons are swarming through the station – and one joining the crew – with a plot to invade Cardassia. But when the Federation condemns the act, the Klingons withdraw from their Federation treaty.
4904?.? The Visitor
An elderly Jake looks back on the death of his father in an engine-room mishap, but Sisko's mysterious periodic reappearances lead him on a search to discover what really happened.
4904?.? Twisted
After encountering a distortion ring, the ship is plagued by spatial anomalies that transform it into a continually changing labyrinth, which stymies the crew's best efforts to move between decks – and may be causing crew members to disappear.
49066.5 Hippocratic Oath
Dr. Bashir and O'Brien aree captured by renegade Jem'Hadar who demand that the doctor free them of their genetically-engineered drug addiction.
49068.5 Parturition
Neelix and Paris must put their jealousies over Kes aside when they are ordered to investigate a planet that may be rich in foodstuffs and end up becoming foster parents to a repto-humanoid hatchling.
4910?.? Persistence of Vision
When Voyager crosses into Bothan space, crew members find repressed thoughts springing to life and people from their past reappearing. Only Kes and the Doctor are immune and they must lead the ship to safety.
4913?.? Indiscretion
A Bajoran smuggler tells Kira he has recovered a piece of metal that might be from the Ravinok, a Cardassian ship that disappeared six years ago with a group of Bajoran prisoners. A good friend of Kira's was among those lost, and she makes immediate plans to investigate, but learns a Cardassian representative wants to accompany her.
4913?.? Tatto
Chakotay discovers an ancient healing symbol inscribed on a rock, which calls up memories of his youth and his tribe – and also brings him into contact with a mysterious people whose mistrust may destroy Voyager.
49164.8 Cold Fire
A clue to the whereabouts of the Caretaker's mate leads Voyager to an Array occupied by the Ocampa, one of whom tries to develop Kes' telekinetic abilities. But his motives take a sinister turn when the female Caretaker arrives.
49195.5 Rejoined
Jadzia discovers that a member of a Trill science team on DS9 carries within her the symbiont to whom Jadzia's symbiont was married in a previous incarnation.
49208.5 Maneuvers
A Kazon raid on Voyager nets a transporter module, which Chakotay attempts to recover on his own – only to be captured by the Maquis traitor Seska.
4924?.? Resistance
While on a mission to acquire Tellerium for the ship's engines, Tuvok and Torres are captured and jailed by a hostile occupational race called the Mokra. Meanwhile, Janeway is sheltered by a gentle but confused old resistance member who believes she is his long-lost daughter.
49263.5 Starship Down
A trade agreement with the Maremma is threatened by the Jem'Hadar, who lure the Defiant into a huge planet's gaseous atmosphere for a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.
4927?.? Prototype
When a deactivated robot found floating in space is reactivated by Torres, it requests she construct more of its kind – and takes her and voyager hostage when she declines.
4930?.? Little Green Men
When Quark, Rom and Nog take a trip to Earth, the shuttle loaned to them by Quark's cousin proves defective, forcing them to crash-land in Roswell, N.M., circa 1947 – where they are presumed to be “little green men” from Mars.
49301.2 Death Wish
Two Qs spell double trouble for Voyager: one materializes and wishes to kill himself, while the other, who fears what it may do to the Continuum, seeks to prevent the suicide by imprisoning his fellow Q for eternity.
49337.3 Alliances
After a Kazon attack, Chakotay persuades Capt. Janeway to form an alliance with a dissident Kazon faction – unaware that Neelix has made contact with the Trabe, the Kazon's sworn enemies.
4934?.? The Sword of Kahless
An elder Klingon tells Worf and Dax that he knows where the Sword of Kahless – the Klingon Excalibur – can be found.
4937?.? Our Man Bashir
A transporter accident replaces the characters in Bashir's secret agent holosuite program with the physical forms of the station's senior staff. (“James Bond” spoof) (original air date: November 27, 1995)
49373.4 Threshold
An experiment aimed at exceeding the maximum-warp barrier results in the death of Lt. Paris – and his subsequent rebirth as an amphibious creature that sabotages the ship and kidnaps Capt. Janeway.
4941?.? Homefront, Part I
A high-level conference between the Federation and the Romulans is sabotaged by a Shapeshifter, prompting Jake, Sisko and Odo to return to Earth, where Sisko is made head of Starfleet Security.
4941?.? Meld
Tuvok's investigation into a crew member's death points to a Maquis crewman, but the Vulcan mind meld Tuvok uses to discover the motive leaves the man's psychotic behavior imprinted on him.
49447. Dreadnought
A sophisticated and powerful weapon designed by the Cardassians but modified for Maquis use by Torres finds its way into the Delta Quadrant and locks on to a heavily populated Class M planet.
4945?.? Paradise Lost, Part II
Sisko discovers the battle may not be against Changeling infiltrators, but against a subversive element within Starfleet itself.
4948?.? Crossfire
The arrival of First Minister Shakaar to DS9 thrills Kira, but Odo views Shakaar as a threat to his relationship with her.
49485.2 Investigations
Lt. Paris asks to be transferred off Voyager, landing on a Talaxian convoy as a pilot, but when he's immediately kidnapped by the Kazons, Neelix suspects that someone on Voyager told them he'd be there.
49504.3 Lifesigns
When a terminally ill Vidiian female is beamed aboard Voyager, the Doctor creates a holographic image of her and transfers her consciouness into it – and then finds himself falling in love with her.
4952?.? Return to Grace
Kira becomes an unlikely ally of a demoted Dukat when they discover that Klingons have attacked an outpost where Cardassians and Bajorans were conducting talks.
49548.7 Deadlock
Attempting to evade the Vidiians, Janeway and the crew take cover in a plasma drift, where they discover a duplicate Voyager. And as the Vidiians close in, it's clear only one ship will survive.
49556.2 Sons of Mogh
Worf's brother Kurn, dishonored and cast out of Klingon society, arrives on DS9 requesting Worf's help in committing ritual suicide.
49578.2 Innocence
Tuvok, stranded on a distant moon after a crash-landing, discovers he is not alone: three Drayan children – abandoned by their people and apparently about to be sacrificed – are there with him, bringing him into conflict with the Drayans themselves.
4959?.? Bar Association
Quark's heavy-handed management is more than his employees can stand, so with Rom's leadership they form a union and promptly go on strike.
4962?.? The Thaw
Unable to revive a group of humanoids in a computer-generated hibernation, Kim and Torres allow themselves to enter their dream state, only to discover someone else is there – a malevolent clown who has no intention of letting them leave.
4963?.? Accession
A 200-year old Bajoran ship emerges from the wormhole bearing an occupant who claims to be the Emissary of the Prophets, causing a resurgence of Bajoran fundamentalism and enmity for the Federation.
49655.2 Tuvix
A minor glitch in the system turns out to be a major problem for Tuvok and Neelix when the transporter merges both of them together into Tuvix, a being who does not wish to be separated into two individuals again.
49665.3 Rules of Engagement
Worf has an extradition hearing to stand trial on the Klingon homeworld for a case involving 444 deaths aboard a civilian transport he attacked while commanding the Defiant.
49694.2 Resolutions
When a deadly virus infects Chakotay and Janeway, she turns command over to Tuvok, ordering him to abandon them on a planet that will shield them from the disease's effects.
4971?.? Hard Time
As punishment for being convicted of espionage, O'Brien is implanted with memories of twenty years of incarceration in an alien prison, memories he believes are real.
4976?.? Shattered Mirror
When Jennifer crosses over from the alternate universe and kidnaps Jake, Sisko follows them back and finds he must fix the rebels' Defiant as part of the ransom.
4981?.? The Muse
Lwaxana Troi arrives at DS9 in the family way, trying to escape her current husband; Jake meets a mysterious woman named Onaya who encourages his literary pursuits – for the wrong reasons.
4986?.? For The Cause
Kasidy Yates is suspected of smuggling goods to the Maquis; Garak and Dukat's daughter Ziyal come to an understanding about each other.
49904.2 To The Death
An attack on the station by renegade Jem'Hadar drives Sisko to form an unlikely alliance with a group still loyal to the Dominion to pursue the rebels.
4992?.? The Quickening
Responding to a distress call, Dax and Dr. Bashir land on a planet devastated by “the blight”, a fatal disease left by the Jem'Hadar that Bashir hopes he can cure.
4994?.? Body Parts
An accident causes Keiko to lose her unborn child – to Kira, into whom Bashir transfers the fetus. Meanwhile, Quark is told he has a fatal illness.
49962.4 Broken Link
Odo fights for his life against a backdrop of increased Klingon militarism.
4999?.? Basics, Part I
When a message from Seska informs Chakotay that their child has been taken by Culluh to a servant colony, the ship goes in pursuit.
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