TILER, v2.0.1

TILER (pronounced like the name Tyler) is a Windows application that views and manages GIF, JPEG and Windows BMP image files.

Click the image to the right to to see a screen shot of TILER.

Image files that are added to TILER are stored in an album file as thumbnail images. These thumbnail images are tiled in a window for easy access and quick viewing. An image can be view at its original size by double-clicking it.

Displays JPEG, GIF and Windows BMP files
You choose the thumbnail image size
Drag and drop images in an album to arrange them in the order you prefer
View a slide show of all your images
Favorite Folders to quickly arrange your image files
Move image files
Rename images one at a time or as a group
Print thumbnail albums
Copy thumbnails and images to the clipboard
Zoom-in on a portion of an image

TILER is Shareware. You are permitted to use and evaluate TILER for three (3) weeks. After the three week evaluation period, you must either erase your copy of TILER or register. To learn all about registration and its benefits, visit the registration page.

Rated 5 star at Super

"... TILER has been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars."

Top 20 Award

"After months of careful review, testing and consideration, the staff at Clicked.com Shareware Gallery have chosen TILER as a Top 20 product."

TILER is Copyright 1994-2006 by David M. Bowman. Portions of TILER are Copyright 1994 Microsoft Corporation. The portion of TILER that reads JPEG files is based in part on work of the Independent JPEG Group. The portion of TILER that decompresses LZW in GIF files is licensed under U.S. Patent No. 4,558,302 and foreign counterparts.