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Email Plug-In

The email plug-in notifies you of email in your email accounts without having to run your email client all the time. You can display received mail from the plug-in or launch your email client. It handles HTML mail and attachments and is capable of notifying you in different ways for each account you have added. Apart from that, you can also set an account's check interval independently of other email accounts. You can think of the plug-in as a window onto your various mailboxes. It doesn't actually download messages (unless you tell it to) so your regular mail client will operate normally.

Why is it useful? It's not useful for everyone. For me, I don't like to keep my email client running all the time, but I want to know when I get new email. Unlike Microsoft Outlook, FreeMeter has a small footprint meaning you don't have to worry about resource usage under Windows 95/98/Me, so you can leave it running all the time.

FreeMeter Professional supports an unlimited number of email accounts. FreeMeter is limited to 2 email accounts.